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Recent weddings in the West Midlands

Real creative wedding photography in the West Midlands

This is just a quick view to help you locate some real weddings at your chosen wedding venue in The West Midlands, by West Midlands Wedding Photographer Norbert Campbell.

At Norbert Campbell Photography, we specialise in wedding photography that capture the emotions, feel, mood and colour of the day. Think of all the time you spend choosing your bouquet of flowers, your make up, floral decorations, suits and wedding details. We feel that in order to remember the tastes and smell and feel of the day, you need true colours and not bleached out colours. So we like vivid and bold.

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Creative wedding photo on the bridge, The Lake at Barston, Solihull

Lake, Golf & Bridge

The Lake at Barston Wedding Venue has so much to offer to the creative eye. Lake, golf course, bridge, golf buggies and staff that bend over backwards to help.

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Bride & Groom at The Mount, Wolverhampton, West midlands

The Mount Hotel, Wolverhampton: Elevate Your wedding Experience, Where Hospitality Meets Tranquillity

This Hotel is a real gem in Wolverhampton. Check it out

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