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"Welcome to our website by Norbert & Ingrid Campbell"

There are some moments in life that you never want to end. But time moves on and as the years pass, even your most precious memories can fade and become less vivid. Great photography has the power to transport you instantly back in time; a single perfect picture can keep a special day alive forever.


As a professional photographer, specialising in natural, authentic and formal wedding photography, I aim to capture all the joy, drama, and romance of your day. I blend unobtrusively into the background, taking beautifully shot images that tell the full story of your wedding from start to finish – images that will ensure you can relive special moments over and over again.


If the weather is bad as occasionally happens in the UK, no problem, I have full lighting gear so you can have great pictures indoor or deceptively beautifully lit images outdoor. From the laughter you share with your bridesmaids as you get ready, to the few nervous, contemplative moments as you wait to make your entrance, to the rapt faces of your family and friends as they watch you exchange your vows, weddings are full of emotions and I strive to capture every single one.


I have an artist’s eye for detail and a talent for capturing perfect, spontaneous images that really bring the day to life; the stolen glances, bursts of laughter and the hastily wiped tears. And of course, if you’d like a selection of traditional posed shots too, no problem, I can ensure your wedding album contains all the formally posed images that you require.


I bring the same authentic approach to my portraiture work, preferring to work on location in an environment in which you feel at home and relaxed rather than in the artificial atmosphere of a studio. I will help you feel totally at ease in front of the camera, in order to capture beautiful, unguarded images in which your personality shines through. For stunning professional photographs you will cherish forever, please get in touch.

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