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Jade & Christopher's wedding photography at The Westmead Hotel, Hopwood, Birmingham, West Midlands

We captured tears & Joy at Jade & Christopher's wedding at The Westmead Hotel. Real wedding photography

At Norbert Campbell Photography, we specialise in wedding photography that capture the emotions, feel, mood and colour of the day. Think of all the time you spend choosing your bouquet of flowers, your make up, floral decorations, suits and wedding details. We feel that in order to remember the tastes and smell and feel of the day, you need true colours and not bleached out colours. So we like vivid and bold. Jade & Christopher's wedding was special to Ingrid and myself because we got on so well with them both. By the evenings end we felt as though we had known each other for years. We wish them the most amazing life together and hope the beautiful wedding photography below will be a constant reminder of their joyous wedding day.

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