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Stunning wedding Photography at Pendrell Hall, Codsall, Wolverhampton

Updated: May 3

Pendrell Hall greenery
Pendrell Hall wide view

Welcome to Pendrell Hall, the stunning country house wedding venue nestled in the Staffordshire countryside. My name is Norbert Campbell and I am a wedding photographer in Dudley, covering Wolverhampton, The West Midlands, Shropshire, Staffordshire & Lake Vyrnwy. This is a quick dive into the wedding day of one of our amazing couples on a cloudy, dampish wedding day in December. From the bridal preparations to the first dance, from the champagne moment to the sparkler exit, the photography at Pendrell Hall will truly take your breath away.

View of Pendrell Hall Bandstand from indoors
Pendrell Hall vintage-inspired Bandstand

The Magic of Wedding Photography at Pendrell Hall

When it comes to wedding photography, we love Pendrell hall With its picturesque surroundings, stunning country house, and charming features. What a wonderful backdrop for any wedding day. Our goal as wedding photographers at Pendrell Hall, was to tell the story of our lovely couple Samantha & Richard, to record their emotions, and create images worthy of the stars.

Groom kisses bride on swing at Pendrell Hall
Moment on swings, Pendrell Hall

The Story Behind Norbert Campbell Photography

Norbert & Ingrid at your service
Norbert & Ingrid

I am Norbert and I am assisted by my wife Ingrid. Ingrid loves art and looks after Instagram for me, on the wedding day however, she also helps to make sure that the brides wedding dress is properly laid out, her hair is right etc, and help in any other way possible. We started out as professional wedding photographers in 2017 and to date have well over 40+ 5star google reviews from happy couples. If you would like to know a little more about me, click here

Bridal Prep and the First Dance: A Visual Journey

Bride takes a deep breath to calm nerves, Pendrell Hall
Bridle nerves at Pendrell Hall

From the bridal preparations to the first dance, every step of the wedding day is a visual journey that we aim to capture in your wedding photography. For instance, imagine your little daughter is all dressed up as a bridesmaid, and she can't wait for her dad to come and see her. So she waits by the window, excitedly looking out for when he arrives.

Embracing Cloudy Weather: Creative Flash Photography

Even the weather at Pendrell Hall adds a touch of magic to the wedding photography. As wedding photographers, we embraced the challenges and opportunities that cloudy weather and early darkness brings. The cloud cover adds a softness and a dreamlike quality to the photos, and we add light to bring out colours and warmth to the moment.

Bride & groom with added light for warm colour
Bride & groom at entrance, Pendrell Hall

Bride & groom having a walk at Pendrell Hall, added light for warm colour
Bride & groom having a walk at Pendrell Hall

Bridle & groom portrait at the front, Pendrell Hall with added light for warmth
Bridle & groom portrait at the front, Pendrell Hall

Bridle & groom natural moment, Pendrell Hall
Bridle & groom natural moment, Pendrell Hall

Techniques used for Capturing the Perfect Shot

Capturing the perfect shot requires a combination of technical skill, timing, and creativity, Have a look at these images above and see how these points are incorporated in our wedding photography at Pendrell Hall:

  • Composition: Framing the shot in a way that highlights the couple's natural beauty and the stunning surroundings of Pendrell Hall. In this case we used the fountain as a frame for the couple

  • Lighting: Using natural light, flash photography, and other lighting techniques to create the perfect ambiance and enhance the mood of the photos. In this case, an LED light is used by Ingrid my wife and assistant to add a golden glow even though the day is dull and flat. She is hidden behind the fountain in the one photo.

  • Timing: Capturing the fleeting moments of joy, laughter, and tenderness that make up the wedding day, ensuring that no moment is missed.

  •  Creating photos that will transport you back to the magic of your wedding day.

Group photo, Pendrell Hall from upstairs window
Group photo, Pendrell Hall from upstairs window

How Weather Influences the Mood of your Wedding Day Photography

The greatest challenge with weddings in December is that it gets dark by about 4pm, it is cold and guests don't want to be hanging around outside in it. Weddings at Pendrell hall are no different. So we try to get everything sorted as quickly as possible outside, without sacrificing quality or the joy of the experience for all present. The great opportunity early darkness present is creative photography using flashes and coloured gels which we love!!! First we get the large group shot done, from the window upstairs, then we can allow a lot of the guests to go inside in the warm.

The Champagne Moment and Sparkler Exit at Pendrell Hall

The champagne moment and the sparkler exit are two of the most memorable moments of a wedding day, and as photographers at Pendrell Hall we wanted to capture these moments in all their glory. This meant that we had to set up some flashes with blue and orange gels, along with another light to make sure that we can see the face of the bride and groom. The result is a vibrant, glitzy and in the moment buzzing exit. Have a look at some of the results.

Capturing the Excitement in a Champagne Pop at Pendrell Hall

The bottle pop is a symbol of celebration, and our photography at Pendrell Hall aim to capture the excitement and joy of this moment. The photos capture the spray of champagne mid-air, the expressions of delight and surprise, and the genuine emotions of the couple.

The Art of Photographing Sparkling Exits

Capturing the magic of sparkling exits is an art that beautifully immortalizes the joyous moments of a wedding day. By using our own lighting, we can keep the yellow fire colour of the sparklers and have well lit wedding photography of the couple and their guests.

Navigating the Emotions of a Wedding Day

There are so many emotions making up the wedding day. Mother and daughter getting ready, first look for the proud father, groom's first sight of his bride in her full glory, the first dance with the newly married couple, then perhaps, a dance with bride and her father.

Then there are the well wishers and friends, work mates, and so it goes on. So the wedding photographer has a big role in capturing these emotions. I love to capture them with colour and clarity. Hence, I view myself as a vivid colour wedding photographer.

Pendrell Hall: An Ideal Setting for Wedding Photography

Nestled in the picturesque Codsall Wood, Pendrell Hall offers an idyllic backdrop for wedding photography, including a charming shepherd's hut and beautiful guest rooms. The grand ballroom is perfect for the drinks reception and wedding breakfast, while the expert Pendrell Hall team ensures a fun and exciting experience for the married couple and their guests.

Why Choose Pendrell Hall for Your Special Day

With a range of ceremony spaces, Pendrell Hall offers a stress-free wedding day. There are great options for photography, ensuring a fun and exciting experience.

Reflecting on the Wedding Photography Experience

Taking a moment to reflect on our wedding photography experience brings a smile to our faces. The beautiful couple were keen to try whatever we suggested and even the December chill didn't hold them back. All in all a good day was had by all.

A few words from Samantha & Richard about their wedding photography at Pendrell Hall

"They (Norbert & Ingrid) made everything flow so easily they weren't pushy at all, everything we asked for they did.

From the first conversation I felt at ease and was able to call or message with any queries.

Honestly both such lovely people, we love all our photos so natural just what we wanted"


In conclusion, Norbert Campbell Photography embraces the challenge of capturing stunning shots in all weather conditions, using creative techniques and lighting to enhance the mood of each picture. The champagne moment and sparkler exit are captured with excitement and precision, preserving these special memories forever. Pendrell Hall provides an ideal setting for wedding photography, with its unique charm and picturesque surroundings. Reflecting on the experience, it is clear that the key to memorable wedding photographs lies in capturing genuine moments of love and happiness.

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